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Who was Juki Iida? Working with “Gardeners” Overseas

When Juki Iida considered the challenge of building a garden overseas, he described the American counterparts he anticipated working with as “gardeners”. An article published in the Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architects solves the challenge of translating this term, and reveals what Iida likely thought of the team he would assemble to build the Japanese garden in Seattle.

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A Quiet Legacy: The Juki Iida Scroll

Landscape architect Juki Iida left behind a little known legacy when he came to Seattle to oversee the installation of Seattle Japanese Garden: an ink-painted scroll. It provides a glimpse into the natural elements he incorporated into his design.

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Juki Iida & Richard Yamasaki: Collaborating in Space & Time

The Seattle Japanese Garden was a collaborative work that involved a number of Japanese design team members. It was also, as this article examines, a unique collaboration between lead designer Juki Iida, and Richard Yamasaki, one of the Seattle landscape contractors hired to build it. 

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