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A Quiet Legacy: The Juki Iida Scroll

Landscape architect Juki Iida left behind a little known legacy when he came to Seattle to oversee the installation of Seattle Japanese Garden: an ink-painted scroll. It provides a glimpse into the natural elements he incorporated into his design.

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Japanese Camellias: Exceptional Flowers in Late Winter & Spring

Japanese Camelias are the showy stars of the early spring in our garden. A species grown for thousands of years, Japanese Camelias have a long history of being cultivated and prized for their beauty.

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Hinoki: A Revered Conifer

Among the many conifers in our garden is Chamaecyparis obtusa, known in Japan as hinoki. It's one of Japan's most revered trees for its beautiful, durable wood and bark and fragrant essential oils of its bark, wood and foliage.

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