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Moon Viewing 2017

Photo by David Rosen

Photo by David Rosen

For one enchanting evening a year, the Seattle Japanese Garden is magically lit up with lanterns and luminaries welcoming the arrival of the full moon in Japanese tradition.

This year, guests will have a chance to enjoy the sounds of koto, bamboo flute accompanied by percussion played live by our talented guest musicians, and a traditional dance performance as the sun goes down. Haiku competition will be held during the evening. Stroll through the garden on a beautiful summer evening will full of inspirations for your poetry.

お月見(otsukimi), moon viewing, dates back to 8th century Japan, when on the 8th month of the old Japanese calendar, aristocrats celebrated the beauty of the autumnal full moon with poetry and music.  By the 17th century, the tradition spread to farmers and townspeople, incorporating elements of a harvest festival into the admiration of the moon's rays.



Event Schedule

6:15 pm   Haiku Contest Introduction by Haiku Northwest

6:30pm   Marcia & Kuniko Takamura on koto, James Jennings on Shakuhachi

7:20 pm   Fujima Fujimine Dance Ensemble

8:45pm   Haiku Contest winners announced

9:00pm Gary Stroutsos on flute & Michael Grant on percussion


Traditional Japanese tea ceremonies in the Shoseian Tea House will be offered at 6:15pm, 7:15pm, and 8:15pm (For Moon Viewing ticket holders only).