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First Saturday Family Day: Thistle Theatre Presents "The Novice and the Cricket"

Join us for the Bunraku theater performance of “The Novice and the Cricket” (a scene from “Funny Woman Who Lost Her Dumpling”) by Thistle Theatre. A story about a woman who loves umbrellas, loves to laugh and makes the best dumpling in all of Japan.

The performance will begin at 11 am, Saturday June 3. Stay after the show and meet the puppeteers and the puppets!


Bunraku is a style of puppetry from Japan that originated over 300 years ago. Thistle Theatre specializes in a tabletop version of Bunraku puppetry. The puppeteers wear black hoods and costumes to symbolize their invisibility. It doesn't take long for the audience to forget the puppeteers and become engrossed in the story.

Thistle Theatre's mission is to celebrate and enhance the art of puppetry through unique, professional presentations of puppet theatre for families. For more information, please visit

Photo courtesy of Jean Enticknap

Photo courtesy of Jean Enticknap