Art Exhibit: ICHI-GO ICHI-E by Season Yoshida

Season Yoshida

Season Yoshida

By Rumi Tsuchihashi

We like to say that every visit to our garden is unique. The changes of the season, the shifts in the color of the sky, the scent that travels on a breeze, the ripple a school of koi create in the pond, all contribute to making each experience of being in the garden unlike any other.

There's a phrase that captures this sentiment perfectly: ichi-go ichi-e, 一期一会, which translates to "one time, one meeting". Last fall, we invited digital artist and musician Season Yoshida to exhibit a body of work that captures the essence of this saying.

After working in the corporate world "over six cat’s lifetimes", Ms. Yoshida began to reconnect with the creative environment of her formative years. With the advent of the digital world, she is finding the middle path to incorporate traditional analog art and binary processed modern technology. This is her first solo exhibit at Seattle Japanese Garden.

ICHI-GO ICHI-E will be on display starting Sunday, March 5 at the First Viewing event in the Tateuchi Community Room. Ms. Yoshida will incorporate a musical performance into her artist reception, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 6. 

To learn more about Season Yoshida's body of work, visit her website here.